Play Therapy Cork

Non Directive Play Therapy

What is the structure of play therapy?

Initially, a consultation takes place between the parents/carers and the play therapist. The child does not attend the consultation. This meeting is held to gather information relevant to the child's difficulties and to discuss the process of play therapy. Two hours is allocated for the consultation but it often takes one hour.

A date and time is then arranged for the child's play therapy sessions. The day and time are the same every week. This is important for consistency for the child. The play therapist visits the child in their own home the evening before the first session. This is so the child feels more comfortable with the therapist - having met her on their own turf!

Six sessions generally take place followed by a review meeting with parents. Again, the child generally doesn't attend the review meeting.  

How many sessions will my child need?

It is important to note that play therapy is not a 'quick fix' solution. It works at the child's pace and there are no set number of sessions but generally, ten weeks would be an assessment period with the average number of sessions required by a child ranging from ten to twenty. 

Can I change my session times if necessary?

Unfortunately, changing session times is generally not possible due to set times for each child but can be discussed if a major difficulty arises with the time allocated.

If something happened during the week, can I talk to the therapist before my child's session?

It is very important that when a child arrives for their session, then it's their time. If anything arises where parents need to contact the therapist, please phone in advance.